Premiere! STAR Card – the only shopping card in Moldova that allows you to pay online – in full, in fixed interest-free installments, or bonus points

STAR Card, your shopping buddy, broadens your horizons and invites you to shop online! For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, an installment-shopping card can be used not only for physical stores but also for online purchases!

Victoriabank is launching this ambitious project together with its STAR partner – Alo Internet Magazin. From now on, Victoriabank STAR Card holders can buy online, in 6 fixed installments, at 0% interest, gadgets, smartphones, computers, laptops, accessories, and all kinds of smart devices from our partner Alo. At the same time, STAR Card users can buy products from accumulated STAR points or they will collect 5% loyalty points (1 point = 1 leu), paying in full for online purchases on alo.md.

The first online store that will accept installment payments with STAR Card is alo.md. However, Victoriabank plans to expand the network in safe and fast steps, offering cardholders a wide range of options for shopping online in installments.

What is STAR Card?

To begin with, STAR Card is not just another credit card! Unlike any other card on the Moldovan market, it combines the features of three cards at the same time:

  • A card with a credit line of up to 150,000 lei (with a grace period of up to 56 days)
  • Shopping card in up to 12 installments, WITHOUT INTEREST in the STAR partner network
  • An accumulation card (up to 20%) of loyalty points, the so-called STAR points, can be redeemed later in a network of partners (1 STAR point = 1 MDL).

STAR Card has a wide network of partner stores where you can pay for purchases in up to 12 installments, without interest or accumulate up to 20% loyalty points from the value of purchases. See the list of partners on the link.

Now is the time to start shopping online with STAR Card!